How Does Mindfulness Practice Add Value?

Organizational research has repeatedly shown that "soft skills" lead to hard results. Conversely, the lack of "soft skills" can lead to some very hard falls.

Our innovative training, consulting and coaching programs utilize the transformative power of mindfulness practice to systematically develop:

• Stress Resilience & Peak Performance
     - Composure
     - Focused Drive
     - Increased Energy and Vitality
     - Relaxed Concentration
     - Flexibility
     - Frustration Tolerance

• Emotional Intelligence & Self-Mastery
     - Empathy
     - Affect Tolerance
     - Self-restraint
     - Decisiveness
     - Assertiveness
     - Self-awareness

• Critical Leadership Skills
     - Autonomy
     - Vision
     - Trustworthiness
     - Systems Thinking
     - Innovative Thinking
     - Composure
     - Balance

• Teamwork
     - Cooperation and Team Skills
     - Interconnectedness and Interdependence
     - Mutual Support
     - Synergy

• Interpersonal Effectiveness
     - Authenticity
     - Fluent Listening Skills
     - Clarity of Perception
     - Openness
     - Integrity
     - Persuasiveness
     - Tact
     - Passion

Mindfulness training does not teach solutions, which are often situation specific. Rather, It develops and cultivates the vital capacities that empower us to discover our own solutions.

How M.E.T.T.A. Can
Enhance Your Bottom Line?

• Foster Creativity and Innovative Thinking
• Boost Morale
• Enhance Teamwork
• Improve Communication
• Promote a Vital, Dynamic Organizational Culture
• Increase Organizational Flexibility and Responsiveness
• Stimulate Productivity
• Reduce Sick Days and Absenteeism
• Improve Employee Health and Well-Being
• Decrease Disability and Worker’s Comp Claims
• Aid in Employee Retention

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.''

--Traditional Chinese Proverb

"Teaching about a competence - that is, having workers get an intellectual grasp of the concepts involved - may offer the easiest training approach,
but compared to other approaches.... It has the least effect on actually changing performance.

"Intellectual understanding is a threshold process, necessary for learning, but not sufficient for lasting improvement.

"Deep change requires the retooling of ingrained habits of thought, feeling and behavior.... Changing a habit based on emotional intelligence requires an entirely new form of learning."

--Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence

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